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UMO in other languages

In Swedish - på svenska offers a selection of UMO’s content about the body, sex, relationships and much more. The content is translated into Arabic, Dari, Somali, Tigrinya and English.

Here at UMO, you can read a short text explaining what UMO is. It’s available in ten different languages. Some of the texts on the site are also translated into the languages of Sweden’s national minorities.

Illustration där det står Youmo samt På ditt språk på flera olika språk

Youmo  is a site that contains parts of UMO's content in six different languages. At the site, you can read texts and watch films about sex, health, relationships and much more.

The content is available in Arabic, Dari, Somali, Tigrinya, English and Swedish.

Information about UMO is available in several languages

There is also a short text explaining what UMO is. This is translated into these languages:

Each text has a link at the top. Click the link for an automatic translation of UMO’s content using Google translate.

In the automatic translations, some words and sentences can sound wrong or strange. Google Translate doesn’t work on UMO’s slide shows and films.

Texts in national minority languages

In 2013 some of UMO’s texts were translated into the national minority languages in Sweden. You will find those texts here

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